Estd :1972

         This Internel Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) is constituted to enhance
    the overall quality level of the institution.The IQAC is formally constituted
    as per the NAAC directives in the year 2004.The duties and responsibilities
    assigned to IQAC are clearly defined in the NAAC website.Pub Kamrup College
    IQAC with its limited facilities and capabilities is always trying to follow
    the guidelines as per the approval of the Cell. At present, officially known
    as ‘post-accreditation time’, IQAC is mainly committed to –

      a) Leading and creating conducive atmosphere to follow-up the suggestions
    provided by the NAAC Peer team.
      b) Preparing meticulously short term and long term plans for the overall
    development of the College.

      c) Providing a special focus on modern and qualitative higher education.

      Chairperson:         Dr B. K. Dev Choudhury, Principal, Pub Kamrup College

      Coordinator:         Dr Kamal Sarma, Asso. Prof.

      Co-Coordinator:      Mr. Montu Saikia, Asst. Prof.
                           Dr Dipak konwar, Asst. Prof.

      Members:             Mrs. Dipsikha Bhuyan, Vice- Principal
                           Dr Nripendra Nath Talukdar, Asso. Prof.
                           Dr Mr. Jiban Ch. Sarma, Asso. Prof.
                           Md. Atwar Rahman, Asso. Prof.
                           Mr. Mahananda Kr Pathak, Asso. Prof.
                           Mr. Suresh Deka, Asso. Prof.
                           Mr. Ayez Ali, Assistant Professor
                           Mr. Nirmal Ranjan Mazumdar, Librarian
                           Mr. Madan Ch. Deka, Accountant
                           Dr. Prafulla Kr. Deka, Former Controller of examination, GU
                           Prof.Mohan Ch. Kalita, Dept. of Biotechnology, GU
                           Dr. Hitesh Deka, VC, KKHSOU, Assam
                           Dr. Hitesh Baruah, MD, NEMCARE Hospital, Ghy
                           Mr. Akshay Kr. Choudhury, Asst. Executive Engineer, NEC
                           Prof.Probodh Ch.Bora,Micro-Biology,College of Veterinary Sc,Ghy
                           Dr. Utpal Bora,Asso. Professor, DBT, IIT, Ghy
                           Ms. Upasana Deka, 6th Sem, student Member

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