Welcome to Pub Kamrup College

Anti-Ragging Committee Of The College:

Chairperson Dr. Bhupen Kr. Sarma, Principal
Vice-Chairperson Mr. Haliram Rajbongshi,HoD,Dept. of Pol. Sc.
Advisors Dr. Julie Saikia,Associate Professor,Dept. of Physics
Mr. Ayez Ali,Associate Professor,Dept. of Geography
Nodal Officer Mr. Rahul Lahkar,Assistant Professor,Dept. of Comp. Sc. ,contact-7002259276(M),Email:antiragging.pkc@gmail.com
Members Mrs. Kalpana Bhagawati,Assistant Professor,Dept. Of Philosophy.
Mr. Pratul Kalita,Assistant professor,Dept. of Comp. Sc.
Mrs. Manisha Medhi,Assistant Professor,Dept. of FPQM
Mrs. Jyotika Mahanta,Office Assistant

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