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1. Name of the Department: MATHEMATICS
2. Year of inception : 1986
3. Mission and Vision of the Department (write within 200 words):
• To search for talent and to encourage the young students to opt for higher mathematics or higher studies in other branches such as Computer Science, Information Science, Mathematical Biology, Economics etc where interaction is going on with Mathematics in different universities and institutes across the country.
• Developing analytical aptitude in enthusiastic students who can contribute to mathematics education even at the grassroot level.
• To help, encourage and build confidence in students to take up varied range of state and central government jobs that necessitates mathematical ability and reasoning.
VISION: The Mathematics department envisions to enrich able and logical young minds. The department aims to build individuals who are capable
of implementing mathematics in creative and innovative ways; be it by opting for higher studies or in their daily lives irrespective of the opted
professions, and hence aiding the growth of the community around.
4. A Brief history of the Department: The subject Mathematics was introduced in three years degree course with effect from 1990 as per guidelines of Gauhati University and Major course was started from the year 1995 .
5. Major Thrust area of the Department: Enabling students to achieve under-graduate degrees successfully with quality and able understanding of mathematics.

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