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AQAR Documents

Proof of Programmes for Advanced Learners and Slow learners

Sanctioned Seat Details for 2022-23

Authorized letters for Admission 2022-23

Number of seats sanctioned for Admission in 2022-23

Assam Govt. Reservation Policy for Admission

BA and B.Sc Admission 2022- 23

Sessional Exam 2022-23 Details

Sample of 2022-23 Teaching Plan and Lesson Plan

Sample of 2022-23 Teaching Plan and Lesson Plan

Sample of 2022-23 Teaching Plan and Lesson Plan

Class Routine of 2022-23

Class Routine of 2022-23

List of students Maths

List of students of Zoology

List of students of Zoology

List of students of Statistics

List of students of Philosophy

List of students of History

List of students of Geography

List of Students of FPQM

List of students of Education

List of students of Economics

List of students of Computer Science

List of students of Chemistry

List of students of BVoc IT

List of students of Botany

List of Students of Biophysics

List of Students of BBA & BCA

List of students of Assamese

Syllabus of Courses that include experiential learning.

ASTU CBCS implementation Letter

Number of sanctioned post 2022-23

Faculties Involvement

Certificates of FDP

maintenance of infrastructure

Audit Report, 2022-23

Book / book chapters

Appointment letters

4.3.1 additional documents

Audit Report 2022-23

MoU 2022-23

3.4.3 Reports

Nayanmoni Baruah Achievement

Book Chapter,2022

Journal papers 2022

Academic and administrative audit

Notice for Mentoring to students

Reports of Events where students participated

5.3.3 additional pdf

Awards of Students

Number of students appearing in state/ national/international examinations

Progression to higher education, 2022-23

Photographs of Activities for 7.1.9

List of Activity for Constitutional Obligation

Specific Facilities for Gender Equity

6.5.3 additional

Additional documents of 6.5.3

Resolutions of IQAC Meeting 22-23

Annual Report 2022-23

Academic Committee Meeting Resolutions for 6.5.1

Documents links of 6.5.2

Pub Kamrup College Resource Mobilization Policy, 2022-23

Statement of Philanthropies contribution

example of local and govt. audit

Format of Confidential Report

Documents of Presentation and Communication Skill Seminar

Documents link of 6.3.1

Car parking Facility to staff

Night Stay facility to staff

Gymnasium Facility

Drinking water facility

Reading Room Facility

Canteen facility to staff

Provision of GIS

Washroom facility of all departments

Lift facility

IT Equipped departments

Xerox and Printing facility

Sanitary Pad Dispose facility for female staff

Day care facility to staff

Leave Encashment Facility to staff

Pension service to staff

Sample GPF Facility

E Governance Policy

Link of Proofs of implementation of perspective plan

Industry Institute Interaction Program

Photographs of Swans

Photographs of weaving

Initiation of B. Ed Programme

NEP Awareness Programme, 2022-23

Formation of IQAC

Meeting Resolution for Inviting NAAC

Links of documents of 6.1.2

Election Committee , Resolutions and Notice

Cultural development Committee

Library management Committee 2022-23

Routine Committee 2022-23

2022-23 Examination Monitoring Committee and Resolution

Structure of Admission Committee and Resolutions

Academic Committee structure and Resolutions

Committees for maintaining infrastructure

Links for 6.1.1

Students Union 2022-23

Member of Bharat Scout and Guides

Structure of NSS

Principles of governance

GB Resolutions for Democratic Governance

Sports development and Management Committee

New Link of Alumni Activities

Alumni Meet of different departments during 2022-23

A few publications of Alumni engagement

Activities of Alumni

Final Proofs of 5.3.2

Grievance Redressal Policy of Pub Kamrup College

Different committees for maintaining academic and physical infrastructure during 2022-23

Proof of updating of IT facilities

Office of the Librarian

Use of NLIST

Inner view of E Resource Centre

Machine use for circulation of books

Use of Barcode at Library

Use of OPAC at Library

Machine used for SOUL

Subscription of Journal in 2022-23

NLIST membership of Pub Kamrup College

Photographs of 4.1.3

Photographs of 4.1.2

Photographs of classroom, laboratory and other facilities

Relevant Links of 4.1.3 template

Use of ICT at IQAC

ICT Geography

ICT Zoology

ICT Physics

ICT of English


ICT of Computer Science

ICT enabled Reading Room

ICT tools of Biophysics

ICT tool of E Resource Centre

ICT tools of Conference hall

ICT Tool Auditorium

Link of School Students visit to library

School Students Visit to Library

Proofs of internship

Faculty Exchange with Mangaldoi College

Faculty Exchange at Goreswar College

Teaching Assignment of PMRF, IIT Guwahati

Teaching Assignment of PMRF from IIT Guwahati

Details of Outreach Activity at Majgaon High School

Details of Faculty Exchange programme with Goreswar College

Workshop of Computer Science

Zoology Seminar Photographs

Photographs of Zoology Workshop

Documents of Political Science Seminar 2022

Documents of Political Science Seminar 2022

SPSS workshop

Seminar Economics

Workshop on Presentation and Communication Skill

Innovation Ecosystem created for transfer of Knowledge

Additional information of 2.6.2

PUB Kamrup College Grievance Redressal Policy

Mechanism of Internal assessment

Data of Scholarship under Central Sector Scheme 2022-23

Data of NER Financial Scholarship 2022-23

Data of Combined Merit Scholarship 2022-23

Data of post matric scholarship 2022-23

Data of Ishan Uday scholarship

Data of Freeships 2022-23

Certificates of Ph. D holders

Letter of Ph D Guideship

Report of Admission Committee 2022-23

Samples Photographs of using ICT Tool

Detail of Students admitted at 2022-23

Details of Full Time Teachers 2022-23

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