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General Instruction

  1. Anyform of ragging in the College premises is strictly prohibited, violation of which invites strong disciplinary actions. It is mandatory to submit an ANTI-RAGGING SELF DECLARATION in stipulated format within 15 days of admission.
  2. Smoking and taking intoxicating drugs are strictly prohibited in the College campus.
  3. Students must come in proper College Uniform.
  4. Students must maintain decorum and foster high standard of discipline by words and deeds.
  5. Blowing vehicle horns in the College campus is strictly prohibited.
  6. The College Identity Card issued to each student is to be brought to the College everyday and the same is to be produced when asked for.
  7. Students should go through the Notice board at the time of entry & exit everyday.
  8. Terms & Conditions embodied in the Prospectus are liable to be modified and revised whenever necessary.
  9. Students are advised to open a savings bank account in their individual names in any nationalised bank of their convienience.
  10. For Higher Studies/ scholarship PRC is mandatory. Students are advised to apply for the same to the concerned authority immediately after admission.
  11. The Students without fee clearance (admission fee and other dues) will not be allowed to participate in college student's union election and other extracurricular activities in the College.
  12. The decision of the College Authority in any case of admission related dispute is final.
  13. Any incident face by the student must be inform to the principal or authority.
  14. Wearing of college uniform is mandotary for every students of the college.
  15. College identity card should be renewed every semester wise.

College Hour

The College hour is from 8:15 a.m to 4:30 p.m on all working days


75% attendance in the class is mandotary for all the students or else he/she may be declared as Non Collegiate.

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